Our History

HisCompass Ministry

HisCompass Ministry was originally started by boy named Evan, at age eight, on August 1, 2002 as a way to communicate with his family.  In 2003, Evan had a God-instilled desire to create a website and use his talent with technology to share his Christian faith with others.  So, he began working to create Faith In Jesus Christ Our Lord Ministries as a prototype of this calling.  “His Compass Ministry” became the name of the site in 2004 because of the compass-shaped logo he created for the site in colored pencil.  Evan believed the compass would showcase how Christ and God’s Word are instrumental in directing the life of a child of God, and compliment his love for lighthouse and sea imagery.  During Evan’s time in high school, he began developing software and computer programs for his school to use, which started the HisCompass Ministry Tech division.

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In 2008, Evan started GodWord, which was originally called HisCompass Bible.  A desire for people to search the Bible easier and also grow closer to God was what pushed Evan in this development.  When the Bible Search first started, the King James Version was the only translation available.  In 2012 as he completed high school, he decided to expand HisCompass Bible into a person-oriented Bible site.  He rebranded HisCompass Bible into GodWord, which now has over sixteen translations of the Bible. GodWord is being developed into a way to grow closer to God through diving deeper into His Word.  It proudly remains part of the HisCompass Ministry network.

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